Why Tennis in Tokyo? ?>

Why Tennis in Tokyo?

Tracing its roots back to imperial England, the historic sport of tennis is now played in almost every corner of the globe. Revered as a healthy and social game, hard court tennis has well and truly taken the world by storm. Located at the heart of Tokyo’s business, shopping and entertainment districts, Jinji Tennis in Hilton Tokyo is the one courts that is always in reach. Catering for the needs of the beginner right up until the pro, it’s the perfect place to go have a hit, any day of the week. Jinji uses state of the art coaching methods including the ‘PTR progression system’ to ensure that your time on court is well spent. Providing all kinds of lesson styles including kids, one-one-one, group classes– even lessons in English! The facilities at this school really are top flight and more importantly, you will be receiving support from expert coaches with years of professional experience. Take the challenge onto the court and go play the Jinji way. After all, where else in Tokyo offers such a convenient, and indeed, luxurious setting. After a hit, guests of Jinji are invited to use the sumptuous facilities of Tokyo Hilton including the spa. So while tennis might be played everywhere, this warm-down is surely unique to Jinji tennis in Tokyo.

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  1. Hi

    I would like to start my son, Eliot,learning to play tennis. He is 5 years old, turning six in May. Can you please advise me how, when and how much etc.

    Many thanks

    Mike Williamson

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