5 facts about tennis テニスの5つのコト ?>

5 facts about tennis テニスの5つのコト

5 facts about tennis

Tennis has historically been called the sport for a lifetime. But is this true? According to scientists from a variety of disciplines, tennis is still one of the best sports anyone can choose to play.

The Facts:

  1. People who participate in tennis three hours per week (at moderately vigorous intensity) cut their risk of death in half from any cause, according to physician Ralph Paffenbarger of Harvard University School.
  1. Tennis players scored higher in vigor, optimism and self-esteem while scoring lower in depression, anger, confusion, anxiety and tension than other athletes or non-athletes.
  2. Since tennis requires alertness and tactical thinking, it may generate new connections between nerves in the brain and thus promote a lifetime of continuing development of the brain.
  3. Tennis outperforms golf, inline skating and most other sports in developing positive personality characteristics.
  4. Competitive tennis burns more calories than aerobics, inline skating, cycling.

Is it any wonder that scientists and physicians world-wide view tennis as the most healthful activity to participate in? Other sports may provide excellent health benefits, as well as stimulate mental and emotional growth. But no other sport received such acclaim for its great benefits physically, mentally and emotionally.





  1. テニスを週に3時間ほどプレーする人(中程度の激しい動きで)のいかなる死因で死亡するリスクも半減するとはハーバード大学の内科医ラルフ・パフェンバーガーの言葉。
  1. 活発で、前向きに自尊心のある選手はほかの選手たちより高得点をし、一方、意気消沈し、怒り、戸惑い、不安で力んだ選手は得点力が低い。
  2. テニスでは俊敏さと、駆け引きのセンスが必要とされることから、脳と神経の間の新しい結合を促され、それにより一生涯の脳の発達が期待できる。
  3. テニスではゴルフやインラインスケートなどのほかのスポーツ以上に前向きな性格の人格形成ができる。
  4. 本格的なテニスでは、エアロビクスやインラインスケート、サイクリングよりもカロリーを消費する。



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